C&G Control Entry & Arrangements for Confined Spaces (Top Man) – 6160-04

Course Objectives:

This course is designed to reflect the national occupation standards for a medium risk related confined space environment.

It covers both Water and Non-Water industry areas.

Water: this may include working with potable water, sewage treatment processes, drain and sewer cleaning operations or where the operative is working in or near water or where a Confined Space is subject to surface water flooding.

Non-water: This may include pharmaceutical, petrochemical, asbestos removal, vehicle manufacture and servicing, aeronautical, construction, communications, power, utilities, gas, electrical and mechanical engineering and some

Course Content:

The aims of this course are:

  • Implement procedures for teams working in Confined Spaces including work plans, equipment & competent working teams
  • Control safe entry & exit to the confined space including Atmospheric conditions, procedures, records, resolving problems & unsafe activity
  • Monitor the work team to ensure procedures are followed including control access to site & monitoring
  • Control emergency situations including emergency arrangements & recording & reporting
  • Understand health, safety & environment legislation
  • Understand standard protocols for work in confined spaces including classification scheme, risk weightin factors, communication methods, lines of communication & procedures & methods
  • Understand entry controller duties & responsibilities including key requirements, ventilation systems, being vigilant, incidents, effects, decontamination procedures, being safe & secure, documentation & reporting systems for emergencies
  • Understand equipment checks & testing required including standards, actions, safety, escape & emergency equipment & factors

Delegates will be required to complete and pass a practical observation and short answer question paper.

This certificate is valid for 3 years.

Who Should Attend?

This course is for the entry controller/top person who controls entry arrangements for confined spaces without entering them.


3 days