Behavioural Safety Awareness

Course Objectives

Promoting safe behaviour at work is a critical part of the management of health and safety, because behaviour turns systems and procedures into reality. On their own, good systems do not ensure successful health and safety management, as the level of success is determined by how organisations ‘live’ their systems.

Safety behaviour programmes will be tailored to fit the cultural maturity and readiness of each specific business, ensuring a far greater success of achieving sustainable changes that will impact positively on safety performance long into the future.

Workshop Content

Focusing on changing unsafe behaviour into safe behaviour at frontline level is vital, however the foundations of achieving this are built through those in positions of management and leadership.

Critical to the success of any safety behaviour programme is learning and understanding why people behave unsafely and from this consider changes to how people are organised, managed, motivated and rewarded.

Who Should Attend?

Everyone within an organisation from employee to senior executive level.

Duration: Variable

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