CITB Remote Temporary Works Awareness

Course Objectives:

Delivered over Zoom video technology, this course has been designed to raise awareness & impart knowledge of what temporary works are, how they are used, their safety-critical importance, common temporary works issues & the temporary works management process.

It raises awareness of roles & responsibilities in the temporary works process, sets a common standard for the awareness of temporary works across the industry that can be accepted with confidence and allows a transferrable knowledge base between employers, to avoid unnecessary supplementary training.

Course Content:

The aim of this course is to give delegates a general awareness & appreciation of temporary works.  They should understand:

  • What is deemed to be temporary works
  • How temporary works are used
  • The role of safety in temporary works
  • Common issues associated with temporary works
  • The management process

At the end of the course delegates should:

  • Understand what constitutes temporary works
  • Know how temporary works are used
  • Understand the importance of safety & how to overcome common safety issues
  • Understand the need for management processes

Delegates will be required to pass an end of course assessment and participate throughout the course.

On successful completion of the course, delegates will receive a CITB Temporary Works Awareness certificate valid for 5 years.

Who Should Attend:

It is designed for those working in temporary works but who are not yet undertaking the roles of either a temporary works coordinator or temporary works supervisor.


Delivered via Zoom video technology, the training follows the same curriculum as the classroom course and is delivered to the same standard.  The same examination takes place but via our secure online assessment technology.


1 day