Dealing with Difficult People

Course Objectives:

There are a lot of us on the planet so unfortunately encountering difficult people is unavoidable! Whether it is someone that constantly talks and never listens, a co-worker that knows best and always has to have the last word or even someone who can be undermining or bullying in nature, it is important to address the on-going difficulty otherwise it will eventually lead to conflict and an unpleasant and counter-productive working environment.

This development session will help you learn how to deal with difficult people through being objective and emotionally in control.

Course Content:

Through 1:1 coaching, the session will develop your understanding of difficult people and improve your skill set by covering the following areas:

  • Analysing your current approach
  • Understanding what makes a difficult person difficult
  • Exploring ways of accurately identifying, assessing and addressing situations
  • Staying calm and emotionally in control
  • Developing positive relationships for the future

Theoretical concepts and practical discussion/scenarios form the basis of this accelerated learning approach.

The option of a follow-up session is available for dealing with ‘live’ situations.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who is struggling to deal with a particular difficult person or those who want to improve their general approach in dealing with difficult individuals.


4 hours